PHP Tips to Improve Your Programming

PHP Tips to Improve Your Programming

I. Object Oriented Programming (OOP) is the Basic Requirement

OOP is the basic requirement of PHP that every developer should know. PHP follows object oriented programming and hence objects and classes link things together for developing a program. Using OOP methods, you can skip the repetition of code and can perform the code in a much simpler way. Objects are defined under the classes and then you can reuse this function over and over in the whole programming. OOP is quicker, easy to debug, and utilizes lesser server resources, less code and faster loading process to avoid long procedures. Going with OOP, you can make your coding style more effective and simpler.

II. Inbuilt Functions of PHP are Highly Usable

PHP language is so easy to learn and adaptable for a developer to develop the best websites. Using the inbuilt functions of PHP, you will get the hidden benefits which are very useful throughout the coding process. If you are doing a custom PHP development or web development, the need of arrays and functions is very important. For example, if you want to count the numbers then you can use count() and like that PHP has a number of built in functions that are highly useful for making the coding process easy and speedy.

III. Keep the Database Secure

The first step before you start your any PHP project, you should use mysl_real_escape_string() for all the database. Doing this, you will keep all the strings secured from any type of unwanted threats that may have some malicious code. This should be your first step to protect your database. The other important thing is that never use $_REQUEST – rather,  go with POST or GET strings for submitting the data into the database query.

IV. Always Use POST and Never GET

A good programmer always knows the difference between these two. Get method shows the address in the URL and gives simpler ways for the hacker to completely hack your whole project. Going with POST, you can face a safe journey throughout your coding and development process.

V. Make a Replica Before Going for CODE

Before you walk on the real platform, just stop for few minutes and make a rough sketch of your whole coding. This will give you better understanding and will clear your thoughts for developing the website. Also, you will find out the major problems that you will face in the future journey of the coding. So take few minutes and do some practice for getting the best product.

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